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Children, teenagers, young people and parents, if you find yourself in a need or predicament associated with the use of the internet or mobile devices, you can call toll-free number 111 116. Anonymity and confidentiality of the conversation and callers are guaranteed. You can call on this telephone number every day, including sundays and holidays, from 12.00 to 20.00. Otherwise, you can ask a question via the contact form on the website of Tom Telefon. Several times a week there is also a chat room available.


TOM TELEFON operates within the Friends of Youth Association of Slovenia since 1990, when it was established by the initiative of the Child Rights Commission. In 1995 a national network TOM was established, in which all groups of advisors connected and started to advise from a single toll-free number.


Telephone for children and adolescents, abbreviated TOM Telefon, is aimed at all young people and their parents who have any problems and want to discuss them. Since growing up itself is a turbulent period that brings so many changes, every child and young person needs a possibility to have a relaxed conversation about that. As part of campaign "New number, old friends" renovation of existing website www.e- was made. Since 2008 children and adolescents have the possibility to ask questions through online form (outside TOM telefon operating hours or anytime). On the website children and adolescents can read about variety of topics such as school, drugs, family, love, adolescence, violence, psychological problems and sexuality. When we relaunched the website we also included topics of safe use of internet and mobile devices, since we joined the Center for Safer Internet in 2012. Since February 5th 2013 children, youth and their parents can ask questions in an online chat room.


The objectives of the counseling program are: to provide possibility for a confidential and anonymous conversation about problems, hardships, including issues related to the use of the internet and mobile devices for young people on a daily basis;  to provide counseling for young people with regard to the principle of equal access for all users; provide free service; care for the united and high quality work of consultants (training); promote volunteering among young people; increase the visibility of the programme among young people; active involvement of young people in programme activities.


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