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INHOPE and its member hotlines (also Slovenian hotline Spletno oko) are the one-stop shop for reporting illegal online content. The one area of role and remit that binds all our hotline members together is the desire to stamp out the distribution of child sexual abuse material (what is legally defined as 'child pornography').

INHOPE comprises the INHOPE Association and the INHOPE fundation, a charity constituted in 2010 to help develop new hotlines worldwide, particularly in emerging countries where there is a lack of funding or even legislation. The Foundation currently assists the development of 3 hotlines in 3 countries: Colombia, Kazakhstan and Thailand. 

Founded in 1999, the International Association of Internet Hotlines coordinates a network of 46 Internet Hotlines in 40 countries across the globe, supporting them in responding to reports of illegal content to make the Internet safer.

This was achieved with funding and support from the European Commission under the Safer Internet Programme. In recent years, Internet usage and connectivity have grown rapidly. It has changed the way we communicate, the way we do business and ultimately the way we live. Sadly, there are those who use this technology for illegal activities especially spreading Child Sexual Abuse Material.

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